Monday, May 4, 2015

Book 6 in the Cat in the Stacks Series

Title: Arsenic and Old Books by Miranda James (A Cat in the Stacks Mystery #6)
Checked out from public library.
Why I chose this book:  I have loved this series and always catch the newest one when it comes out.
About the book: Charlie Harris is an archivist for a library in Athena MS, along with his trusted companion Diesel, a Maine Coon cat, who goes everywhere with him.  So when the local mayor finds some hidden diaries, in her attic, of her husband's great-great grandmother, Rachel Afton Long, and wants them preserved for everyone to read, Charlie is the man to see.  But what the mayor does not anticipate is so many people wanting to read them right off the bat.  Wanting to read them so bad, they would steal and murder for them. The diaries prove to be enlightening of the trials and tribulations about the time of the Civil War but could one volume damage a family legacy? When one of the most eager readers dies from a hit and run, Charlie wants to know what's up.   Lots of library research for him to figure out what is going on and who the killer is. 
Tidbit of info from the book: "The standard ink used at the time was iron gall, or oak gall, ink made from a combination of iron salts, tannic acids and vegetable matter.  The latter tended to be the galls, formed by wasps that infested oak trees and caused the plant tissue to swell,  The resulting ink is acidic and sometimes caused so-called ghost writing on the obverse side of the writing surface, usually vellum or paper."
My rating: Must read
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