Friday, May 8, 2015

So was King Arthur real or not? That is the real question in this book.

Title: Death in an Ivory Tower by Maria Hudgins (A Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery #5)
Checked out from public library.
Why I chose this book:  I have loved this series and always catch the newest one when it comes out.
About the book: Dotsy Lamb, an ancient and medieval history teacher from VA, is attending a conference at Oxford UK, with her professor Larry Roberts, on "The Lingering Effects of the King Arthur Tales on Life in Elizabethan England". Her contribution to the conference would be "Shakespeare's Historical Sources and References to Arthurian Legend in his Plays" which comes from her dissertation she is currently writing.  After getting settled in at the dorm rooms at one of the colleges the first night, one of the presenters dies mysteriously after dinner.  Dotsy thinks right off the bat that something simply does not add up right.  Along with her best friend, Lettie, who is staying in the same dorm but not attending the conference but assisting her doctor daughter who is participating in a doctor trade program, she sifts through the animosity between all the speakers to determine if there was foul play.  She gets really confused when Lettie's daughter gets shot right outside her rental house.  Where do the two incidents related?  When the killer tries to do her in also, Dotsy waits up to see who shows up and catches them in a trap of sorts. 
Tidbit of info from the book: Learned lots of little tidbits on theories of topics of this conference. 
My rating: Good read
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